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In an untouched forest inhabited by cat Clans, things go awry. The four Clans, ShardClan, CoalClan, IceClan and FlickerClan have been at peace for many seasons. But one cat wants more power, and leads his followers into battle. When IceClan doesn't show up at the gathering, the ShardClan leader Autumnstar gets worried.

More moons pass, and with those moons comes more absencences from IceClan. Then Autumnstar rushes into the problem, sending out three of her warriors to find and retrieve the missing clan. Will ShardClan succeed at finding IceClan? And who drove them out?



LEADER: Autumnstar - golden, brown and white she-cat with amber eyes

DEPUTY: Stormcomet - dark gray tom with ginger points and green eyes. Apprentice: Palepaw

CO-DEPUTY: Rosebloom - cream she-cat with brown stripes and heather blue eyes

MEDICINE CAT: Sedgeflower - dark gray tabby she-cat with ginger splashes and white paws and green eyes. Apprentice: Thornpaw

MEDICINE CAT APPRENTICE: Thornpaw - golden brown tabby tom with white paws and amber eyes

SENIOR WARRIORS: Thistlerose - golden brown and white tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Adderflight - pale brown tom with white patches and green eyes. Apprentice: Winterpaw

Lightningtail- black tom with a white tail and bright yellow eyes.

WARRIORS: Mosspetal - pretty pale gray she-cat with a ginger tail and pale green eyes

Lionpelt - golden tabby tom with amber eyes

Moonmask- pale gray she-cat with white paws, tailtip and mask and olive green eyes

Wolfleap - long furred brown/gray tabby tom with honey colored eyes. Apprentice: Duskpaw

REDFLAME - dark ginger tabby tom with a lighter underside and yellow eyes

OPALGAZE - pretty pale gray marble tabby she-cat with blue/gray tinged fur and azure eyes

WEBWHISKER - long furred white tom with amber eyes. Apprentice: Lotuspaw

TIGERFANG - dark ginger tabby tom with white paws and amber eyes

LEAFDRIFT - brown, gray and white she-cat with honey colored eyes

QUILLSIGHT - gray she-cat with a darker dorsal stripe and white socks and amber eyes

OWLWINGS - speckled brown tom with white markings and yellow eyes

APPRENTICES: Palepaw - pale mottled ginger she-cat with blue eyes

WINTERPAW - long furred white tom with pale gray thycaline stripes and amber eyes

DUSKPAW - russet tom with brown stripes and a white chest and amber eyes

LOTUSPAW - cream she-cat with pale brown stripes on her head, legs and tail and heather blue eyes

QUEENS: Motheyes - mottled golden she-cat with blue eyes. Mate to Stormcomet, kits are Palepaw, Gingerkit, Sunkit and Lightkit.

RUSSETWING - russet she-cat with thick dark brown stripes and a white mask, chest, paws and tailtip and green eyes. Mate to Webwhisker, kits are Winterpaw and Duskpaw

RUBYFLAMES - dark ginger she-cat with paler legs and half of tail and yellow eyes. Mate to Lightningtail, expecting his kits

TWILIGHTSTALKER - black she-cat with white flecks and paws and evening blue eyes. Mate to Adderflight, kits are Whitekit, Cloudkit, Honeykit and Falconkit

ELDERS: Leopardfang - golden brown spotted tabby she-cat with a white mouth and forehead blaze and amber eyes. Oldest elder

SHADOWFROST - black and white tom with faint tabby stripes and dark green eyes

THUNDERSTRIKE - big dark gray tabby tom with orange eyes and large white paws


LEADER: Blackstar - black tom with amber eyes

DEPUTY: Raintail - gray tom with darkger flecks and a blue/gray tail and blue eyes.

CO - DEPUTY: Dustpetal - pale brown and white tabby she-cat with yellow eyes.

MEDICINE CAT: Ivytangle - dark gray and white she-cat with black patches and green eyes. Apprentice: Dimpaw


LEADER: Evestar - tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes

DEPUTY: Fireclaw - bright ginger tabby tom with orange eyes

CO-DEPUTY: Ashenpelt - speckled gray tom with white tinges and amber eyes. Apprentice: Sandpaw

MEDICINE CAT: Littlescorch - small auburn tabby tom with dark brown patches and white paws and amber eyes


LEADER: Swiftstar - black and white tom with golden eyes

DEPUTY: Mouseclaw - dusty brown tabby she-cat with small paws and green eyes

CO-DEPUTY: Streamfall - silver and brown tabby tom with a white chest and paws and blue eyes

MEDICINE CAT: Goldendusk - pretty pale golden she-cat with cream patches and white socks and light blue eyes